My story in 4 minutes.
My design philosophy.
In this connected digital age, new responsibilities have arrived. We’ve let our products become our companions and extensions of our beings. By nature, their design now demands deeper and more thoughtful consideration.
As we’ve welcomed these new technologies into our lives, our relationships with our products and environments have developed deeper levels of complexity, which presents new opportunities and challenges. Intangibles such as the emotional connections we have with our products and environments now demand design consideration, but with technologies as powerful as AI, we now have opportunities to create beautiful personalized experiences not possible before. Our future relies on designers with immense curiosity, empathy and a passion to make the world a better place. I like to surround myself with people who push the boundaries of these values.
I am constantly rethinking our designed experiences and exploring the philosophical side of design. I often enjoy pondering questions like: How do we want to be living in the future? How can we design for well-being? How can we create less alienating interactions with technology that allow us to focus on what really matters?  
My personal life.
Growing up in Portland Oregon, I've developed a deep affection for the Pacific Northwest. I am happiest when my friends and I are exploring the outdoors and surrounded with greenery, or getting cozy inside when it's too cold or rainy to be out. I love to cook long intricate meals, drink french press coffee or tea and listen to music for hours on end. I have a deep appreciation for simple rituals. 
I devote my personal focus to slowing down and living in the moment—I’ve found practicing meditation and mindfulness has made me more aware and connected with my self, energy and those around me. Through many deep conversations with my closest friends, I feel I've found what is most important to me—love, growth, relationships and hygge of course. 
I believe our purpose is to love, heal and grow each other. Simpler said than done. This is where I see my future in design. I want to imagine and create experiences that enable and inspire others to live happier and healthier.
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